It’s terrifying how when your phone is temporarily not working or out of battery you feel like there’s a part of you missing. Really boring topic to be honest with you. I know far too many people that would go insane if they couldn’t access their SoCiAl MedIa for more than a day though. Is a cybernetic cohesion between man and machine in full swing here or are we all just fucking dull?

m    i             l    l      e   n iiiiiii        a   ls

Thinkpieces are shit aren’t they?


Akito is a top boy. There’s something so healthy about this percussive Club movement at the moment. Sans Absence are undoubtedly up there with the front runners of the scene. I’ve found it’s becoming much less of a URL vibe recently which is refreshing in this era of screen burn and typing induced RSI.

It’s rare to find a musical style so dependent on the melding of differing cultural styles that possesses such a moral conscience in regards to appropriation. Nothing is perfect of course but there’s a real sensitivity and sense of sharing, so many corners of the world producing aesthetically similar trax and networking with each other, fuelling further discovery and opportunities. I’m yt af though so many may disagree so please let me know if you do. It’s all love.

Can’t wait for this one init




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